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Review of Russian research with radioactive particles: Foliar uptake

Fesenko S., Kozmin G., Sanzharova N., Epimakhov V.

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. 2019. 2019. V. 204. PP. 21-34.

Studies performed in the former Soviet Union were reviewed to provide interception and weathering values for radioactive particles. None of these studies were available in the English language literature before or were considered in the international reviews. The estimated mass interception fractions ranged 0.2–1.4m2 kg−1 may be explained by the size of the particles used in the research. The interrelationships among the interception fractions, plants biomass and size of radioactive particles were determined for different plants: spring and winter wheat, maize, rice, pasture and sown grass. A filtration model rather accurately approximated data for pasture grass and some other crops but does not reflect properly patterns of the interception fraction dependence on biomass for perennial sown grass. The values derived have been compared with some expected values reported by the IAEA's Handbook of parameter values for the prediction of radionuclide transfer in temperate environments (TRS 472) where possible. The information presented can be used in the current updating of parameters recommended for environmental impact assessments.